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Italian WWII M33 combat helmet used during the RSI Repubblica Sociale Italiana 1943-1945 period probably by San Marco marines elite units. Large painted yellow anchor insignia on the front and Italy national colors decal shield on the side. Complete with the original liner and chin strap never replaced. Great axis navy combat helmet in untouched conditions. SOLD Italian RARE Console Generale MVSN visor cap hat made by Unione Militare Roma. This is a real one with the Fascist gold wire bullion " GRECA " embroidered directly on the hat and not added later over a regular Regio Esercito visor. Beautiful Fascist genera eagle. No size stamp but a medium size probably 57 / 58.  SOLD Italian model 1933 helmet black paint with yellow Fascio painted insignia, this is the second I find like this in many years and I thought was a variation of the MVSN Mussolini Black Shirts Militia helmet until I found this pictures showing an Italian young volunteer training for the RSI army in 1944 with the same exact helmet. Helmet size 57 with early = = stitching leather liner, AT ( Torino arsenal ) stamp on the band and Royal Savoia Shield stamp on the tip of the " Grigio Verde " leather chinstrap. SOLD Rare ORIGINAL untouched Italian model 1933 helmet for the Regio Esercito Italiano elite unit " Bersaglieri ". This one still has the grigio-verde feathers holder attached to the shell. Perfect unmolested example one of the best I ever had. SOLD

Extremely rare GOLD RSI honor badge for the officers of the 4 Italian divisions ( ITALIA - LITTORIO - SAN MARCO - MONTEROSA ) that went to train to Germany in 1944. This is a real one I had in my personal collection and the only gold one I ever found in more than 40 years of collecting.


Italian RARE Regio Esercito experimental camouflage M33 helmet " SPERIMENTALE BALMA ". This is the best example I ever had complete with original liner and chinstrap. Liner band dated 1939 and stamp on leather 1943. This is the only factory camo Italian helmet ever made and saw only brief use at the end of the war especially during the RSI period. You can see one other example ( shell only ) on the Paolo Marzetti book " helmets of the world " page 162. SOLD Rare Italian " berretto coloniale " M42 " " carristi " carri armati tank troops, this came out few years ago from a vet estate in OH. This are much rarer than the German DAK tropical caps SOLD   Italian model 1933 helmet with the " Artiglieria Contraerea " antiaircraft artillery Flak insignia. Big size 60 with most of the original factory paint " grigio verde ". Maker stamp on leather liner and Royal Savoia stamp with shield & Crown on the chinstrap. Great combat helmet with a very desirable painted unit insignia. SOLD Rare Italian " galiardetto Fascista " fascist banner standard with pole and pole top Fascio. About 74 inches high and 27 wide., for a " raggruppamento battaglioni volontari GIL " volunteer combat unit of the G.I.L. Avanzo e Travolgo ( go forward and crush ) RARE !!! SOLD Rare Italian " berretto coloniale " M42 " Artiglieria Contraerea " antiaircraft artillery Flak Italy Africa troops Regio Esercito Italy Royal army African campaign. This is a real one ! no size stamp probably 56/57. You will find 100 German DAK tropical caps before you find one like this. SOLD   Rare Italian model 1933 helmet for the MVSN antiaircraft units D.I.C.A.T. This one has been in my collection for more than 30 years and is the only one original I ever saw ! Must be very rare. Mussolini Black Shirts Camice Nere of the Milizia Volontaria Sicurezza Nazionale flak units. SOLD


RARE Italian dagger fighting knife Fascist Black Shirt in Africa with etched handle. This one is for the 177th divisione Camice nere named to the camicia Nera CCNN Piras Giuseppe. The handle has many writing:


DOVE IL DUCE VUOLE: where the DUCE wants us

ESSE NON FIERI: the Black shirt unit motto

Pugnale Fascista camine Nere in Africa manico intarsiato



RARE Italian dagger Fascist Black Shirt in Africa with etched handle

This one is for the 178th Battaglione Camice nere D'assalto named to the camicia Nera CCNN U?? Giovanni. The handle has many writing, the German Nazi Swastika, the Fascist Fascio symbol and the Italy Royal savoia family shield and crown:





Italian model 1933 helmet Alpini Italy mountain troops SOLD   Italian Fascist police model 1933 steel black helmet. Early M33 with domed air vents, painted black with the eagle & royal crown insignia of the Polizia. The insignia has the savoia shield on the chest and is holding the Fascio. All complete with the original named liner and the black leather chinstrap. A great looking helmet and rare. SOLD Italian WWII Regio Esercito M-33 combat helmet painted unit insignia artillery. 100% complete, original never restored. This Italy WW2 Royal army model 1933 helmets are hard to find in there original vintage conditions the only one you see for sale are the one used by the Spanish army or the many fakes sold on eBay. SOLD