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German WW2 M42 helmet painted with a tan color camo, this was found in northern Italy so definitely an Italian campaign helmet. The maker stamp is hard to read and I believe is ckl 66, liner and chinstrap original to the helmet as you can see from the pictures never replaced. The paint reminds me the paint used for the vehicle and equipment. Nice combat late war helmet $1,495 

Germany WWII FJ M38 paratrooper helmet painted tropical Africa - Italian front camo. One pin/bolt was missing and I added for display purpose only one original aluminum bolt. This was in a very old collection from a collector that started collecting in 1944 ! Contact me for price and more details


Germany WW2 helmet M40 single decal Luftwaffe camouflage named to an officer. Probably after this was painted camo had the elastic band applied now gone but you can see the marks all around the helmet. All 3 pins and washers unmolested and a huge size 68 shell maker SE. I added a period picture where you can see a similar camo on the floor, probably Normandy or Italian campaign. 2 of the leather tongs have the tip broken but are still attached to the original liner tie string. the leather chinstrap is original to the helmet and has been folded in the same position for a long time.  SOLD

German WW2 Wehrmacht double decal transitional reissued late war with sand camo non reflex paint and a most likely field applied WH decal over the camouflage paint. This as you can see has never been cleaned or restored in any way. Nice starter helmet. SOLD


German war war one mail home label M16 German combat helmet. This one is complete with the original liner & chinstrap. All 3 liner leather pads have the pillow insert and the helmet still has the original factory tie string. Great mail home label made of what looks like medical tape with the U.S. Army censor stamp. I cannot see any maker or size stamps, looks like a Bell L size 64. perfect example of WWI Germany steel helmet. $850
Unique one of a kind painted camouflage German war war one M16 helmet. Would be hard to find a better example of " vet soldier art painting " than this one, complete with the original liner. This helmet is also published on a famous publication. $1,500 

German war world two Luftwaffe DAK Afrika korps - tropical - Sudfront painted tan camo M40 - ET 66. Great looking combat camouflage helmet, liner is dry but not fragile.  SOLD German war world two M40 Normandy camo helmet single decal Wehrmacht. This is one that takes 1 second to realize is the real deal even for a starting war world two militaria collector, you can sleep worries free at night 🙂 SOLD

German war world two SOLD   24941 (Mobilmachung-1.1.1940) 3. Batterie Reserve-Flak-Abteilung 117 (31.7.1942-9.2.1943) 3. Batterie schw. Flak-Abteilung 117 (10.2.1943-23.8.1943) 3. Batterie schw. Flak-Abteilung 117 (o)


German war world two M40 Q64 Luftwaffe named helmet just out of the woodwork's never cleaned or restored in any way. Great combat look!  SOLD

German war world two combat helmet Camouflage Model 1940 named rough sand/cement mix texture   SOLD


German model 1916 Austrian helmet Police ( Polizei ) double decal transitional named. Cannot find any size or maker stamp but looks like a nice big size like 66 ( shell ) or more. Complete with the original leather chinstrap and all 3 original leather pads ( one named ). Originally issued to the Austrian rural police in WWI, had the flaming ball insignia on the front left side. You can still see the two holes between the rivet and the vent slot. Then it was reissued to the Nazi Polizei and completely refurbished with smooth, light gray paint and police decals.  SOLD

German war world two combat helmet M35 Luftwaffe " Normandy " camo. Shell Q64 liner band dated 1939 - 64-56. Great looking camouflage helmet never cleaned or restored in any way. SOLD


German model 1916 Austrian helmet Normandy camouflage. hard to find transitional camo helmets and this is one untouched example. I will ad new pictures this week. Complete with original liner and chinstrap. SOLD


German WW2 M42 ET64/57 heavy texture sawdust / wood-chips camo helmet. Original painted camouflage combat helmet complete with liner and leather chinstrap, all pin/washers unmolested. SOLD


German war world two M40 Luftwaffe helmet painted in a classic " Normandy camo " 3 colors mixed with sand or cement. This is one outstanding Germany second war camouflage helmet. Shell Q64 with the lot number covered by the painted name Obgfr. Steinmetz. The helmet has a dent and hairline crack in the rear probably suffered during combat. You can see the paint cracking and exposing the shape of the LW decal , all pins/washers unmolested. SOLD