German WWII FJ M38 paratrooper helmet just out a local estate never cleaned completely untouched. This is a classic example, complete in great conditions of German war world two Fallschirmjäger jump helmet.   SOLD


Probably the best wood chips camo out there ! German war world two camouflage helmet M35 huge shell Q68 & liner dated 1939 size 60. Leather chinstrap original to the helmet ( see the aluminum dust between the bales and strap ) has the LBA stamp and is brown in color, all pins / washers present and unmolested. SOLD 

 German WWII combat helmet M40 tropical camo DAK - Italian Sud Front single decal Wehrmacht. Shell size 64 with a great painted around WH decal.  The liner has the complete band and is missing only the leather so would be a really easy restoration if you really must have a leather I personally like to live them the way I found them. Complete this would be an easy 4K helmet.



German WWII PINK DAK M40 helmet  SOLD

German WWII M35 SE66 Luftwaffe wire basket camouflage. Liner size 58 with band dated 1940 and LBA stamped brown leather chinstrap dated 1939. You can see clearly where the wire has interacted with the shell paint. A great camo wire example. SOLD


German WWII battle damaged FJ M38 paratrooper helmet ET68. This is an absolute untouched helmet with a shrapnel entry hole in the back that goes thru the liner band and leather. All 4 early liner bolts & nuts unmolested. The helmet shows a very light light green camo all over the shell and is still visible over the Luftwaffe eagle decal. A great combat piece.  SOLD


German WWII FJ M38 paratrooper classic Normandy camouflage Fallschirmjager Reg. 6 in combat used untouched conditions. This helmet would be a centerpiece in any collection all complete with original liner and chinstrap never removed. You can see the full Luftwaffe eagle decal under the two tone tan / green painted camo mixes with wood chips. Shell ET68 & liner size 57 named to a soldier of the 1st company. SOLD
German WWII M42 single decal Luftwaffe helmet, all original with late war pig skin liner. Shell ET66 & liner size 58. SOLD

German WWII M38 Fallschirmjäger helmet just out of the woodwork's , absolutelly untouched with all 4 spanner bolts and nuts unmolested and solid tight.

Shell ET 68 Lot # 5029 liner size 56 and maker stamp still visible.

Liner band has been bend in few places probably to tuck in a camouflage net cover or chicken wire camo net.

This is one that has never been cleaned since was brought home great combat paratrooper WW2 helmet.


German WWII M40 camouflage combat helmet classic 3 color spray camo. This was in my collection and originally was found in a US veteran estate in Arizona, the only information the picker got was that the US vet was in Italy.

Most collectors would call this Normandy camo but this is from the Italian campaign. The helmet is still dusty and dirty never clean and under the camo paint you can see the full Wehrmacht army eagle decal. This is one that looks original in 1 split second.



German WWII Deutsches Afrikakorps DAK Africa Corps M40 single decal Wehrmacht helmet painted desert camouflage in complete untouched conditions. This was found many years ago in Arizona and has a rare leather strap with ring probably to be hanged on a Panzer or other vehicle. Classic tropical tan paint complete with the original liner and chinstrap. SOLD


German WWII M40 double decal Police helmet, shell Q64 and the maker stamp and lot # got striked twice. Late war pig skin liner named. Just out one estate sale in San Diego California, never clean or restored in any way. Great combat Polizei helmet.



German WWII M35 Q66 apple-green double decal Wehrmacht liner size 58 named. The liner has 3 tips broken off but no leather is missing and could be easily restored. Great classic Nazi war world two helmet. SOLD


German WWII M42 helmet painted medic, liner size 58 make stamped in the rear but is to faded to read it. This is a rare & 100% original helmet at first sight. SOLD




German war war two Luftwaffe helmet DAK desert Africa camouflage model 1940 M40. A real Afrika Korps helmet with American GI battle names painted on it, a true piece of WWII history 100% ORIGINAL 100% UNTOUCHED. SOLD

 NEW M42 Wehrmacht single decal army SOLD


German M42 Wehrmacht SOLD

German M40 Q66 named SOLD

German M42 camo net wire hook SOLD

German WW1 M16 American GI 400th Aero Squadron bring back SOLD