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 German WWII original MP 38 u. 40 magazines ammo 1943 green canvas belt pouch " patronentaschen " with speed loading tool bag.
 German WWII original MP 38 u. 40 magazines ammo tan canvas belt pouch " patronentaschen " with speed loading tool bag. This is the real deal in perfect conditions not one of the many Czech fakes out there.
 German WWII tropical - Mediterranean camo gas mask with Feldpostnummer

Feldpostnummer 41549

(28.2.1941-29.7.1941) Flugzeug-Bergungstrupp 1/VI, (8.9.1943-22.4.1944) 2.12.1943 4. Kompanie Luftwaffen-Berge-Bataillon 6, (23.4.1944-24.11.1944) 14.7.1944 gestrichen.
Rare original German WWII tropical DAK factory tan camo painted Luftwaffe buckle with a RARE date 1941! SOLD German war world two Fallschirmjäger parachute RZ 20 dated 1942. This is complete and needs only to be repacked, has the original issued matching number booklet and the US veteran bring back capture papers. SOLD German WW2 matching set of MP 38/40 ammo pouches dated same maker both dated 1942!  Not the usual mint ones this are used in great conditions. SOLD German WWII camo Deutsches Afrika Korps DAK gasmask & canister original tropical desert camouflage paint, named and with the rare rubber seal inside the lid to avoid the fine desert sand inside the can. Canister and gas protection mask are both complete with all straps. A perfect original example! SOLD German WWII Reichskriegsflagge Germany war world two national war flag. This is one of the most desirable size 80 x135 in used but good conditions with no holes. sold German WWII MP38/40 magazine ammo pouch. Tropical summer tan color, original in excellent conditions. Sold   German WWII original DAK camo Africa gasmask canister and mask. All complete with all original straps on can and mask. The tan tropical camouflage can is dated 1940, the mask is dated 1939 and the filter is dated 1940. The best example to display next your German Afrika Korps desert camo helmet. SOLD
German WWII MP38/40 magazine ammo pouch.
Tan canvas right side MP38/40 ammo pouch
Original in un issued conditions.
German WWII FJ Luftwaffe paratrooper Fallschirmjäger camouflage splinter pattern bandolier K98 rifle.
Original in light used conditions.