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  Outstanding condition WKC Kriegsmarine Officers dagger with a Fire Orange grip free of and chips or cracks. It has a Officers upgraded lightning bolt pebbled scabbard, with a beautiful etched fouled anchor and full sailing ships motif. The blade, as you can see is also free of any dings or chips. The dagger also has a textbook portapee with a nice Navel knot and cats anus insert 100% original.



RARE Italian dagger fighting knife Fascist Black Shirt in Africa with etched handle. This one is for the 177th divisione Camice nere named to the camicia Nera CCNN Piras Giuseppe. The handle has many writing:


DOVE IL DUCE VUOLE: where the DUCE wants us

ESSE NON FIERI: the Black shirt unit motto

Pugnale Fascista camine Nere in Africa manico intarsiato




RARE Italian dagger Fascist Black Shirt in Africa with etched handle

This one is for the 178th Battaglione Camice nere D'assalto named to the camicia Nera CCNN U?? Giovanni. The handle has many writing, the German Nazi Swastika, the Fascist Fascio symbol and the Italy Royal savoia family shield and crown:







German WW2 Hitler Jugend HJ knife SOLD
German WW2 DLV glider pilot's dagger just out a local estate sale never cleaned in untouched conditions.Good blade with maker mark SMF Solingen. SOLD German WW2 second model Luftwaffe dagger with hangers. Nice conditions SMF Solingen blade with a name on the back of the LW eagle, not sure could be the US vet or the German soldier. The top pommel is not tight so this could be one of those daggers put together for the GI at the end of the war with all new original unissued parts. SOLD     German early Nazi 1st model Luftwaffe dagger rare maker, this is a direct vet buy and has never been cleaned or restored. Nice blade complete with belt hangers sold German lot of 69 German WWII Luftwaffe - Wehrmacht - SS - political daggers/sword parts, all originals some still unfinished. SOLD German WWII Police bayonet dagger.Maker is the small logo of Carl Eickhorn Solingen. SOLD  
German WWII SS M33 service dagger by RICH. ABR. HERDER SOLINGEN.
This dagger was polished and the handle looks like has repairs could be period done since looks very old.
All the parts are original and fits very tight in the scabbard.
Not the best one out there but is also priced very low and has a desirable maker.
German WWII Wehrmacht single etched dress bayonet " FUR ERINNERUNG AN MEINE DIENSTZEIT "
Overall very good original condition.